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"I have been getting a lot of calls from potential employers. As the calls are coming in, a common statement has become "your resume is excellent!" I used to hate sending my resume out because it was too lengthy and unorganized. Now my resume is strong."

Anthony Hutcherson


“Julie helped me achieve my goals, very professional, patient, positive. Highly recommending. Thank you Julie, you’re the best!”

Lana Gudz


“I was worried about committing time and money to 10 sessions with Julie, but it was an incredibly valuable and meaningful investment. I highly recommend Julie's coaching to anyone in need of some professional and personal re-framing and motivation."

Sarah Neidhoefer

Rami A.

"Thank you so much for coaching me to anticipate questions and think through answers like an executive. It worked! :)" 

Nimesh P. 

"Outstanding experience working with Julie"

Bailey H. 

"Julie is the best! For a couple months I had been feeling a little lost and unmotivated when it came to finding a career path because I didn't want to pursue just any career, I wanted to find the one best suited for me. Julie helped me do that! She is very helpful and she really listens to what your specific needs are in this process and finds out what you struggle with most and then helps you get through it. Before I met Julie, I absolutely hated researching. Anything that had to do with looking something up on the internet that wouldn't be an easy find, I hated. Julie gave me some really helpful tips and tricks to push through when doing something that in the moment may not be what I want to be doing. Highly recommend Julie Allen!!!"

Adam B. 

"Julie A, MBA, PMP, is a very professional career coach, and after working with her for over a month, I highly recommend her to all my friends and family looking for career assistance. As an MBA graduate myself, I greatly value Julie's knowledge of:

1 - Current hiring trends

2 - Very insightful/ helpful books/material

3 - Personal/career assessments

4 - Understanding of current Applicate Tracking Systems (ATS) ie. resume scanning robots

5 - Super helpful resume changes

6 - Genuine heart to help you land your dream job. My honest advice: Trust Julie's process and do everything she recommends - you will be better off.

Michelle B. 

"Julie has been such a joy to work with. When I first started working with her, I was feeling stuck and unsure of how to proceed forward. Julie has significantly helped me to navigate the decision making process when it comes to choosing a career that is well suited for me. She has an expansive tool kit and resources that have greatly helped with my journey. I highly recommend her coaching to anyone that wants help towards finding a purposeful career path."

Aric G. 

"Julie has helped me to zero in on a plan for my career, given me amazing feedback on my resume, and influenced my thinking & actions in a very positive way. I would recommend her to absolutely anyone looking for life coaching!"

Ava K.

"Julie really helped add frame the inner debate that was pinballing around in my head to clear the clutter and focus on what was most important to me. It was very generative to work with her and benefit from her experience and guidance."

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