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 A former Client - Michael Cominski

"I connected with coach Julie based on a recommendation from another Aerospace professional who used her services.  I was on the hunt for a new job after working for a company for nearly twenty years with an outdated resume and weak interview skills and Julie changed all of that.  She helped me with every aspect of landing the exact job with the exact company I wanted to work for.  She is a well-organized professional who transformed my resume, helped me prepare for interviews, and conducted mock interviews with me as well as recording those interviews for future improvements.  If you want to significantly improve your chances of landing that next dream job reach out to Julie, she will be there for you with an extensive tool box to fit your exact needs!"

Michael Cominski

Customer Account Manager

Crane Aerospace & Electronics

Picture of a client Coach Julie has worked with followed by their testimonial

“Julie helped me achieve my goals, very professional, patient, positive. Highly recommending. Thank you Julie, you’re the best!”

Lana Gudz
Advertising Sales Manager - RTS LLC

Picture of a client Coach Julie has worked with followed by their testimonial

"I have been getting a lot of calls from potential employers. As the calls are coming in, a common statement has become "your resume is excellent!" I used to hate sending my resume out because it was too lengthy and unorganized. Now my resume is strong."

Anthony H.

Safety Director and Trainer 

Meta - Facebook

Picture of a client Coach Julie has worked with followed by their testimonial

"After leaving a job I loved in an organization that was messy and dysfunctional, spending more than a year trying to find a new job where I could earn what I needed to earn, and coming up with nothing, I was very stuck professionally. I signed on to work with Julie to help me figure out what my next steps could be.  Initially, I thought I was just going to explore what other kinds of employment I could find and how I could secure a decent paying job -- any job I didn't hate! -- but the work we did together was so much more valuable and meaningful than whatever I could have done to just land a job and earn money. Julie helped to rediscover my gifts and capabilities so that I might strive toward a professional life that I was truly made for and could joyfully sustain. My time with Julie helped me not only reconnect with my purpose, but put that sense of purpose on a practical path of professional development and practice, doing work I love to do. I am very grateful to Julie for her listening, her encouragement, her accountability, her kindness and her professionalism. Coaching was a profoundly important exercise for me and I highly recommend Julie Allen as a coach!"

Sarah Neidhoefer
Founder - Plum Line Coaching

Rami A.

"Thank you so much for coaching me to anticipate questions and think through answers like an executive. It worked! :)" 

Senior Director - NPR & City Mayor - Bothell, WA

Aric G. 

"Julie has helped me to zero in on a plan for my career, given me amazing feedback on my resume, and influenced my thinking & actions in a very positive way. I would recommend her to absolutely anyone looking for career coaching!"

Digital Asset Manager - Salesforce

Nimesh P. 

"Outstanding experience working with Julie"

Program Manager - Caterpiller

Aruna R

"Julie is an amazing career coach. She understands her client’s requirements & creates plan that best works for them. She is an excellent listener & gives timely & constructive feedback for improvement. She was key in guiding me in my career growth & development.
I loved working with Julie & look forward to our partnership in future."

Program Manager - Seattle Public Schools

Cathy A.

"I sought coaching when I was feeling significant burnout and was ready to make a change but did not know what that meant for me. Working with Julie helped me get back in touch with the work that energizes me and identify the tasks that drain me. This in turn helped me focus my job search more specifically rather than just pursuing change for the sake of change. I'm happy to report I found a new position that I love. Thanks Julie!"

Senior Audit Project Manager - First Citizen Bank

Roger H

Knowledgeable, patient, and encouraging. Great "second set of eyes" to review what you're planning and give honest feedback. I used to believe that career coaches were only for longer. Highly recommend Julie.

Structure Designer - Boeing

Raj C. 

"Julie is an excellent career coach and amazing friend to have. She really listens to client's inputs and smartly organizes the content to improve self awareness which inturn builds confidence and skill set for career growth. I had the opportunity to work with her twice in my career through layoffs in consecutive years where her experience, knowledge and market awareness has tremendously helped to advance my career dreams along with gaining insights into future of networking. I also had a privilege to be interviewed by her in the podcast to share my experiences about importance of networking to land in dream job. She was also extremely helpful prepare me for interviews by creating the right contextual questions thereby setting expectations. I will recommend Julie to anyone who is willing to invest in their career growth."

Senior Network Engineer - Nordstrom

Katelyn R.

Julie was an immense help during my job search. Having someone not only advise on best resume practices as well as offering general support through the ups and downs of the process was immeasurable. Julie also offered a ton of additional resources that helped organize my job search and keep myself accountable to my own goals. I was so grateful to have her knowledge and insight during that time.

Scrum Master - Kroger

Joseph J

I highly recommend you work with Julie Allen if you are looking to grow in your career. Before I started working with her, I had applied to dozens of companies online and almost never heard back. Once I started working with her, she showed me how to optimize my online presence and resume and now I’ve made much traction in my career. Julie, thank you for your inspiring and insightful sessions that opened my eyes to the world of possibilities out there. Thank you for showing me how to find opportunities where I didn’t think they existed.

IT Coordinator - Amazon

Carolyn H.

Julie has been a reliable source of inspiration and support as I transition to work in a new field overseas. She's an amazing listener and great about following up and keeping me accountable with my job search. She has excellent suggestions and is good about strategizing various aspects of the job search process. I have really enjoyed working with her.

Principal Consultant - Empowering Climate Solutions

Bailey H. 

"Julie is the best! For a couple months I had been feeling a little lost and unmotivated when it came to finding a career path because I didn't want to pursue just any career, I wanted to find the one best suited for me. Julie helped me do that! She is very helpful and she really listens to what your specific needs are in this process and finds out what you struggle with most and then helps you get through it. Before I met Julie, I absolutely hated researching. Anything that had to do with looking something up on the internet that wouldn't be an easy find, I hated. Julie gave me some really helpful tips and tricks to push through when doing something that in the moment may not be what I want to be doing. Highly recommend Julie Allen!!!"

Student at Washington State University

Adam B. 

"Julie A, MBA, PMP, is a very professional career coach, and after working with her for over a month, I highly recommend her to all my friends and family looking for career assistance. As an MBA graduate myself, I greatly value Julie's knowledge of:

1 - Current hiring trends

2 - Very insightful/ helpful books/material

3 - Personal/career assessments

4 - Understanding of current Applicate Tracking Systems (ATS) ie. resume scanning robots

5 - Super helpful resume changes

6 - Genuine heart to help you land your dream job. My honest advice: Trust Julie's process and do everything she recommends - you will be better off.

Business Owner - Trail Hungry

Michelle B. 

"Julie has been such a joy to work with. When I first started working with her, I was feeling stuck and unsure of how to proceed forward. Julie has significantly helped me to navigate the decision making process when it comes to choosing a career that is well suited for me. She has an expansive tool kit and resources that have greatly helped with my journey. I highly recommend her coaching to anyone that wants help towards finding a purposeful career path."

Instructor - Sylvan Learning Center

Ava K.

"Julie really helped add frame the inner debate that was pinballing around in my head to clear the clutter and focus on what was most important to me. It was very generative to work with her and benefit from her experience and guidance."

University of Washington - Public Health Student

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