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Hi I'm Coach Julie

Your Confidence Career Coach 

Nice to Finally Meet You

You have potential employers waiting to discover you. You are the perfect one for their open position. You meet their specific need and it's your duty to find them, and provide them your amazing talents and skills. Are you doing all you can to get yourself into the company hungry for someone just like you?

Probably not. 

As a result, you're spinning with trying to figure out what job to target or living in the black hole of job boards and feel stuck in the overwhelm of knowing what to do next with your career.

I helped a homeless client get multiple offers only to end up at Facebook. I've worked with multiple clients to get their emails coming and phones ringing from interested employers. I've helped clients in one practice session nail their interview for a director role in a new company. These are clients that don't know what to fix on their resume or what to say in an interview.

I'm obsessed with career development in every aspect from discovering your purpose and dream job to writing the perfect resume and negotiating your target salary. 

When I'm not helping clients discover the perfect career or land their dream job, I enjoy:

- Reading up on personal and professional development because I just can't stop learning. I start with the Bible almost every morning. 

- I'm watching autobiographies of successful people on YouTube videos on motivational speakers or listening to podcasts while working around the house.

- I exercise every day either walking, swimming, weight lifting, rollerblading but my favorite thing is getting out in nature hiking, mountain biking, or skiing. 

- Hanging out with my handsome husband and 2 kids, a girl in middle school and a boy in high school, and trying not to talk in my coaching voice too much at the dinner table. 

- I frequently end my day with my favorite lap cat Mirah, having a glass of wine or hot tea and reading a captivating story to my youngest daughter. 

I believe you can achieve the highest, truest expression of yourself. I love helping people to accomplish their dreams and live out their life purpose with courage!

Life is good! Tomorrow I know I'll start it all over again excited to get out of bed so I can work with you!

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