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Polished Resume - $239

Clean Resume to Start Your Job Search

Quick Turnaround!

1. Created from scratch or updated as needed

2. Collaborate with an experienced resume writer

3. Pass through Application Tracking Systems 

4. Easily scanned by hiring managers

5. High impact achievements identified for all professional experience

6. (1-2) pages maximum

7. Grammar, punctuation, and spelling check

8. (30) min Coaching to review the final product

Turn Around Time: 2-3 days

Application Package - $399

Resume, Linkedin + Coaching

Best Foot Forward!

1. Resume review and update

2. LinkedIn profile review

3. Job search readiness workbook and course for a smooth transition

4. (60) min coaching session to finalize resume and LinkedIn review

5. Letter templates for cover letters, inquiries, and thank you letters.

6.  (30) days of coaching via text, email, or phone to keep expert advice coming.

Time Commitment: 4 hours over 2 weeks

Interview Package - $399

Focused Interview Coaching

Interview Prepping! 

1. (2) mock interview coaching sessions  (60 min each) with professional feedback and a session recording. Either before upcoming interviews or as a general proactive practice.

2.  Job search strategy course

3.  Follow-up letter templates to save time and keep you motivated during the job hunt.

4. (30) days of coaching access via text, email, or phone to keep expert advice coming.

Time Commitment: 5 hours over 1-2 weeks

Discover Your Career - $799
(2 payments of $399)

4 Coaching Sessions + Workbook

For Career Starters or Career Changers

1. Includes the Discover Your Career Workbook and Course to provide all the self-discovery tools you need in an organized structure. 

2.  Receive (4) coaching sessions (60 min each) to get clarity on yourself, values, and purpose.

3. Take personality and career assessments.

4. Learn about the market opportunities in your interest areas.

5. Take your career for a test ride.

6. Receive support with making one of the biggest decisions of your life.

Time Commitment: 25 hours over 2 months

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