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Unblock your Purpose!

You wonder sometimes what your purpose is and if everyone can have some overriding purpose in life. If so, what is mine? This question pops up from time to time but then you just go about your way doing what you do to fill up your day. What could be blocking you? Where do you find purpose?

It’s not something you can find anywhere in the world. It can only be found inside you through soul searching and digging. It’s a combination of creating calmness and asking powerful questions. But you can’t seem to get your head wrapped around it, to even get to a calm place to think clearly and calmly.

It starts with disciplining your thoughts. By turning off the distractions or rising above them, you can gain control over how your mind responds to the world around you. Having more control of your inner world enables you to better shape it. “If you start building your inner world the way you want it to be, your outer world will start to become the inner world you design.” Livia Duguay

It starts with one thought at a time. What thoughts are serving you? What thoughts are hurting you? Thought detox starts with the awareness that you are having negative thoughts. Purpose can’t flow to you if you are gripped by negative thinking and feelings that are serving the ego. The ego believes there is a useful purpose in negative thoughts but true-self purpose can only surface inside an optimistic mindset that is ready to receive it, believe it, and fulfill it. This is a shifting from the ego to awareness.

It’s easier to criticize things in our lives than to be hopeful. So how does one replace negative thoughts with positi