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How to Get Unstuck!

Are you stuck? Bogged down, stagnate, and not getting anywhere? Perhaps you're stuck in your progress towards a goal or you just don't know the next big thing you should do and feel aimless. Are you fixated on how to get over this wall which seems to grow bigger daily and is taking over your thoughts?

Being stuck makes us feel hopeless, incompetent, directionless, and can even lead to depression.

The good news is, this will pass. Humans are uniquely designed to be creative and we can see things in a new way. You just need to find a framework and the tools to help you intervene and tear down the wall. If you find yourself stuck in a circumstance you've been in before, try to see the repeating pattern.

Whether this is your first time to be stuck in this way or it's now become like an old pair of shoes, here are two important things to do: 1) think about your life; 2) try something new.

Here are 7 tips for getting unstuck and that may even be fun to do in the process.