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How To Be a Superstar at Work

Updated: Apr 24, 2022

Whether in your personal or professional life, learning the art of contributing, serving, and being of value helps those around you and benefits yourself. When you deliver much value, people may view you as someone they can't live without. How would this look in your career?

Here are 7 sure-fire ways to be a superstar in any organization you work for. Keeping these in mind as you try to sell yourself in interviews or as you try to move up in a company will demonstrate your value throughout your professional career.

1. Be A Problem Solver.

As you are working through the business process, keep your eyes and ears open for opportunities for improvement. What isn't working right? What does management say are problems that need solving? How can you offer to help make improvements? How can you dig a little more into documenting or expressing the current state of things and how an idea you have can make things more efficient, effective, or more adequately meet policies? This is the opposite of just pointing out problems; be a team player by offering to be part of the solution.

2. Be a part of the bottom line. Know how your role contributes to growing and maintaining the company. Management factors in your role's Return on Investment (ROI), so you should too. Learn to bring in new clients or contribute to the sales team even if you work in operations or HR. When there is a call for help, raise your hand and be the one to offer something extra. Following and engaging in your company's social media is helpful and can be fun too. Position yourself to be the go-to person for an area of expertise. To do this, you will need to tap into an area that you are both passionate about and talented in.

3. Continuously learn and develop yourself. Try to figure out what you don't know or what you can learn to benefit an organization. Keep learning and developing your craft and inner personal skills so that others can noticeably see you are continuously improving. Maintain a balance between leveraging your existing talents and skills while also keeping a growth mindset for continuously learning and growing.

4. Network and know your company. Learn the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT) and how you can help. Learn to understand the organizational chart and how all the roles work together. Know the people and how best to communicate with individuals or groups by listening to others' ideas and socializing your own. Some people prefer email or submitting messages through online forms. Others like to chat or have face-to-face meetings. Learn everyone's preferred mode of communication and communicate with them using this method.

5. Maintain a positive and enthusiastic attitude. No one likes a critic or a negative nagger. Find roles that you are passionate about to keep your energy up and a smile on your face, so you radiate positivity. Do a little personal development to raise your self-awareness of how you come across to others. This will also maintain your mental and emotional health.

6. Listen for understanding and become a trusted advisor. Listening more and talking less is always a good practice. Show people that you understand where they are coming from and try to help them develop solutions to their problems by being a part of their brainstorming. Asking open-ended questions will help them tap into their frontal cortex and problem-solving abilities. If you help them think of their solution, you empower them while also building rapport.

7. Manage your time. Yes, time is money so learn to master the use of your time. Invest time in deliverables, people, and the company's greater good by moving the ball down the field. Keep these three in mind as you prioritize your day, and you'll be on the right track.

Have you thought about what value you can bring to an organization?

Know your limits, and don't over-promise. Saying no is fine if you already deliver a full plate of value in other areas. But if you can't be on another project or team, try to help them find someone that can.

This will all take a significant amount of energy, so finding ways to keep up with your health with proper diet, sleep and exercise will help keep you ready to take on each new day.

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