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Five Laws of Happiness

We seem to view happiness as being laughter, presents, purchases, finding true love, or the perfect job, but it doesn’t always work out this way. We tend to feel many disappointments in our life journeys when our idealized view of these things doesn’t meet our expectations.

If things don’t materialize the way we fantasize we think we are unhappy and we either give up or keep chasing our idealized version of happiness inside our goals.

“It’s easy to get wrapped up in this fantasy world, which we assume others have access to and we are missing out on. But life will throw you curveballs and people will disappoint you. How happy you are depends on the way you respond to it all and how in touch you are with yourself” says happiness coach Georgiana Bailey

If there was a law to the happiness, I think they would look like this.

1. Allow yourself to experience all the feelings of life without judgment. You can’t feel the highs of joy and happiness unless you also feel the downs of sadness and disappointments. During the lows, remain hopeful and keep the faith that things will work out. The bad times will pass, just keep trying and doing your part to learn and grow from the experience. Don’t let yourself be a victim during the lows but instead accept them as if you choose it to happen this way.

2. Find your authentic self and live in alignment