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5 Questions to Help You Identify Your Purpose

This blog is one of a three-part blog series. We recommend that you start with reading the first two blogs in this series.

  1. 3 Benefits of Knowing Your Purpose

  2. How to Use Your Inner Voice to Discover your Purpose

To begin you will need to go to a deep place and learn to listen to your inner voice so you are in the right mental space to answer the five questions and write your purpose statement. Your inner voice is the part of you that lights up awareness so you see things you didn’t see before.

Take your time and set aside all self-judgement.

5 Questions To Find Your Purpose

  1. What are some things you love and value about yourself now or that you loved doing as a child?

  2. What are your talents, strengths, unique gifts and skills?

  3. What would you love to learn more about or become an expert in? Perhaps you are an expert in something already and can write about this.

  4. If money, people or circumstances were not an issue what would you love to be or do?

  5. What difference in the world are you uniquely able to make?

Write your Purpose Statement

Now, to make it clear, write out a life purpose statement. The theme of the work you are here to do, the cause you will pursue, the problems you want to solve, a way of life you want to teach.

This is a powerful first step toward seeing your purpose fulfilled. Think of this as a gift you are preparing for yourself with the reward to appear when it is ready to be revealed.

Start by answering these four questions:

  1. What you do and love doing?

  2. Who will you serve?

  3. What do they need?

  4. Impacts your work will have on them?

Now put it all together in your purpose statement. Use this template to fill in the blanks.

My purpose is to <insert service you will provide> for <target population of people> so they can <outcome of service on their lives>

Here are three examples but remember you can also have multiple purposes in life.

  1. My purpose is to teach older adults how to live a fit and healthy life so they can feel younger and more vibrant.

  2. My purpose is to help disadvantaged people forget about their problems through laughter so they can enjoy life and be free from concern.

  3. My purpose is to fix broken code for computer programs that are essential for working professionals so they can have the most robust programs to work with.

Test Your Purpose

Lastly, test your purpose. If it is a good purpose you should feel fully charged and ready to get your engines going or like you finally have wind to your sales.

If it doesn’t come to you right away, don’t give up. Just give it time, pay attention to what you are thinking, take an inventory of what you love doing, journal your feelings and ideas or engage a life coach, and try to keep your thoughts authentic to who you are. You may still need time to explore new things and find a new passion before you commit to your next big thing.

Be sure to read the first two blogs in this series:

  1. 3 Benefits of Knowing Your Purpose

  2. How to Use Your Inner Voice to Discover your Purpose

Julie Allen is a Dream Career and Life Coach in Seattle. Sign up for her free monthly Life tips at

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– Julie Allen

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