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3 Benefits of Knowing Your Purpose

Do you want to live a full life? One that soars above mediocracy and taps into your inner superpowers? This is the first blog in a series of three blog posts. All three blogs will show you how to achieve a fulfilled life and career by identifying your purpose.

The next two blogs will cover:

  1. How To Use Your Inner Voice to Discover Your Purpose

  2. 5 Questions To Help You Identify Your Purpose

In this blog, we are going to talk about the benefits of living a purpose driven life.

To begin, let me ask you – what do you think the value would be in knowing your life purpose? Pause for a few moments and think about your answer.

Now come with me to learn three benefits The StoryMakers believe is important in knowing your purpose.

Three benefits to consider

  1. Purpose Provides Direction and Stability: Your purpose can serve as your anchor and rock – to keep you grounded in what is true to you. This will keep you from wondering and tossing to and fro. You are either intentional in your purpose which provides you meaning for our life or you are not aware of your purpose and wandering around frequently confused about why you are here.

  2. Optimizes Work and Serve as your Goal Machine: People who know their purpose in life will move towards their goals with ease and flexibility. They will be more effective and efficient, able to work around obstacles and ultimately achieve more in a lifetime. Your goals will easily emerge from what is inspired by purpose. Purpose is a strong pulling force and can serve as your motivation and compass.

Greg Anderson, a health and wellness authors says “When we are motivated by goals that have deep meaning, by dreams that need completion, by pure love that needs expressing then we truly live life”.

  1. Stay Inspired and Inspire Others: When you are fulfilled, you not only benefit yourself but others. People who operate from a place of purpose and passion are more zealous, creative and have a sort of intoxicating way about them. Their energy can become contagious. They don’t settle for day to day comforts but are willing to take risks – climbing to reach heights they themselves didn’t know was possible. Living from a place of purpose is your opportunity to leave a unique mark on the world.

Is it Worth the Investment?

You may have identified similar or different benefits than what I shared. But the point really is that we can all benefit from identifying a purpose. The results you gain from a little investment of time now are well worth the effort especially if the risk of not doing it is hitting a mid-life crises 10-20 years from now. If you start off life as an accountant due to outside pressures but your love, passion and dream is to start your own art gallery than the later you put it off, the harder it will be to get it started. So jump on in.

Did you find this blog helpful? Do you agree with the benefits we shared on knowing your purpose or are there other’s we didn’t include here? Either way we would love to hear from you.

Be sure to read the other two blogs in this series:

  1. How to Use Your Inner Voice to Discover your Purpose

  2. Questions to Help You Identify Your Purpose.

Julie Allen is a Dream Career and Life Coach in Seattle. Sign up for her FREE monthly life tips at

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– Julie Allen

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