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How to Get the Most Out of Your Inner Voice – in 3 Steps

Why is the Inner Voice Important?

With so much enticing stimuli and the state of the world today, you may have had more distractions than usual but you want to sharpen your ability to connect inward and listen to your inner thoughts and speech.

You may have been an intuitive minded person in the past but you’re out of practice and you’ve never really taken the time to strengthen this muscle and get the most out of your inner voice.

Perhaps it’s not a natural gift of yours but you are a growth minded person who has been working on being more in touch with your internal world.

You want to connect with your inner wisdom, to gain better clarity, understand your deepest desires and know how to achieve your dreams. Albert Einstein said, “No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.” Strengthening your inner guidance can provide you more independence to draw your own conclusions even amongst all the other worldly sources of input.

Raising your awareness to this inner space is a great way to begin each day prepared to approach any situation grounded in your values. Starting the day with a proactive mindset driven by values and integrity as opposed to reacting to every circumstance that triggers negative emotions.

How to Connect with my Authentic Voice?

To connect with your authentic inner voice, try imagining one of your favorite childhood memories. This person is the best part of you. This voice should feel more like a faithful friend than an inner critic. You do have an inner critical voice but that is not the authentic voice you are seeking. The inner critic is influenced by the negativity of the outside world.

This friendly voice is loving and compassionate. It is alive and free and knows who you are and what makes you happy. Connecting with your inner child through happy past memories is one way to raise your awareness of your authentic inner voice and bring it to the forefront.

How Does the Inner Voice Appear?

Psychologist Russell Hurlburt at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, conducted several research projects studying people’s inner minds. He identified five categories of inner experiences. Intuitive thinking may manifest differently through various sensory inputs. For some it may be in the form of words, for others it could be visual images, feelings, patterns or maybe unsymbolised thinking. This is how the processing of your thoughts are expressed.

Once you connect to your caring and loving inner voice on a daily basis you will see an amazing transformation occur. Here are 3 steps to get the most out of your inner voice.

  1. Find some quiet time every day to be in your own company with no distractions. Just check out so you can check in. Write down questions you have or goals you are working towards in a journal. Then find a place to sit quietly. Turn your focus inward. When you sit in silence and you allow your mind to slow down and relax, you are now in the listening stance. This is a form of meditation which both clears your mind and tunes into higher knowledge. While prayer is a way to talk to God, Meditation is creating time and space for listening to God.

  2. Make this a daily habit. Start out by spending a few minutes and then add more time until you have the just- right-amount-of-time to experience quality thinking. You’ll know you are there when you feel an inner balance restored and you start thinking of creative ideas. You should experience answers to questions and feel an increased level of confidence in “knowing”. The quality thoughts and inner knowing may not occur immediately but will appear when you are ready to receive the knowledge.

  3. When you are connected to your inner voice, you are in the right state-of-mind to open the door and listen to your heart and soul talk and communicate with you. You are in a spiritual realm which is a perfect position to “tap” into the wishing well and connect your dreams and desires with that of the God that created the universe. Listening to your inner voice is the first level of training that prepares you to listen to the voice of God. This is when you can co-create with the divine one and the source for everything that is good.

How to Respond to the Voice?

The creator of the universe is waiting for you to wake up, tune in and to take action. He has lots of ideas he wants to share with you, to make your life amazing and he is going to choose you to live out these ideas, to express himself through you if you are tuned in, listening and willing to take action.

Once the God of the universe shares inspiring ideas, take action quickly because the faster you take action the more inspired you’re going to be which becomes a beautiful upward spiral. Not all the answers will be delivered in a straight b-line approach for how to arrive at your destination. The vision or end target will become clear but the “how” comes to you in baby steps. As you start to take the baby steps, you will auto correct in areas but more ideas will appear to your inner voice when the time is right. This is how we learn and grow to develop our character along the way. This will help prepare you to become the person you need to be to live in your achieved dream.

If you are receptive, in tune and listening, God will bestow good things to you in this world but only in proportion to your willingness to pay attention and receive.

Julie Allen is a Dream Career and Life Coach in Seattle. Sign up for her free monthly Life tips at

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– Julie Allen

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