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Discover Your Career

For Career Starters or Career Changers

Business Team

For those who want help with one of the most difficult and important decisions of your life deciding on "What career should I do?" Perhaps you just need to do a little soul search before you start job search.


We cover clarity on values and purpose, personality and career assessments, talents and strengths, favorite tasks and skills, work view and life view, knowledge areas, working conditions, people environment, career requirements, desired salary, non-monetary rewards, labor market, and companies, and even a test drive opportunity.


We will engage both your head and heart in the decision-making process, look at the pros and cons.


This process can be as comprehensive and holistic as you want or you can skip the parts that don't apply to your view of your career or duplicates work you've already done. 


1. Includes the Discover Your Career Workbook and course to provide you with all the self-discovery tools you need in an organized structure.


2.  Receive (4) coaching sessions (60 min each) to review sections of the workbook covered and have a conversation about your findings or areas you may still be stuck on. 


3.  Take personality and career assessments

4. Learn about the market opportunities in your interest areas

5. Take your career for a test ride.

6. Receive support with making one of the biggest decisions of your life.


Time Commitment: 25 hours over 2 months

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