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Photography and Videography Coaching

Do you feel intimidated by that new camera? What do all these numbers and terms mean?  Do you simply want to make your imagery more engaging?


I started as a film-based photographer over 20 years ago and in that time period, have captured pretty much every genre out there.  In the film days, you didn't have the immediate feedback you have today with digital devices. To get the right shot, you had to rely on your vision and experience to 'know' that you got the shot you wanted.  To this day, that is still the approach I take - get the image as correct as possible, in the camera first.  That is not to say composites or heavy editing is bad, but if your start with great source material, that becomes easier.

Technology and software has also made great changes over the years.  Today with computers and mobile devices, editing is becoming easier and easier.  That said, sometimes the 'old-school' practical effects of using fishing line and hand lotion in your shots are fun too, and feels more organic (extra points if you know what those were used for.)

What's Covered

Our coaching sessions have covered everyone from the I'm-migrating-off-auto-mode person, to the hobbyist looking for that next level, to professionals sorting things out.  It's also not just about the camera either.  We've also coached people on planning projects, workflow, editing, printing, and even how to fly that UAS (drone) with a camera on it.

What you get

Sessions are typically 1-hour long and can be done in-person or online.  Each session will start with a recap of where you are, a review of the previous assignment, the lesson for the day, and then an assignment.  These sessions will be followed up with an email recap of the day.  If you get stuck and have a quick question, we're just an email away - longer questions can be covered in the next session


$100/session and discounts if you purchase a block of lessons.

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