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We specialize in creating content that suits your needs while providing end-to-end delivery.  We have a few standard packages, or you can use the CONTACT menu item above to get a custom quote. Our areas of focus:

• Photography
• ​Videography / ​Cinematography
• Aerial Photography and Videography (FAA licensed)
• Illustration
• Graphic Design
• ​Writing
• ​Audio Production

Content-as-a- Service.  This is our subscription where you buy a block of time on a monthly basis and use that time for any service that we offer.  Having a block of time like this can take a lot of stress out of your system as each individual project needn't be bid separately.

How it works:

• Select the amount of monthly time you want in 5-hour increments (your base).
• Engage with us on whatever you need that we offer.
• Unused time can rollover to the next month, but capped at 150% of your base
     • For example, you choose to have a 20-hour block a month and only use 18 hours.  The following month you would then have 22 hours available.  Shortfalls will continue to carry forward until you hit the cap at 150%, or 30 hours in this example .  
• If we keep hitting the max can, we will work with you to see if an adjustment is needed.  

Minimum commitment is 6 months.

Storymakers Logo Final (with text)

Want more of a consulting engagement to help you get running?  Let us know where you want to go, and we can see what solutions we can come up with to get you there. Just select "CONTACT" in the upper menu and let us know what you would like to do.

• Life Coaching
• Project Management
• Content Creation
Business Management
• Social Media
• Event and Talent Management

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