Mill Creek Women's Club Exclusive

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Accountability is a very important part of the process of making your visions and dreams become reality.  Those visions and dreams without someone to be accountable to oftentimes keep that dream just that...a dream

We are extending to the Mill Creek Women's Club and exclusive offer.

We are wanting to establish a monthly women's Dream Group that will meet together to talk about their goals and visions, the steps they've taken since the last meeting, what blockers they may be having.

The Mechanics:

When: 2nd Tues of every month at 5:00 pm  - Starting Feb 9th

Where: Online

Duration: Through the remainder of 2021 (Feb - Dec)

Includes: Monthly group coaching session (1 hour), training on best practices for achieving dreams and goals, support of the coach and members.

Subscription cost: $49.99 per month through November (But we'll give you December as a Christmas present)

We do need a minimum of 5 women to signup to start the series, so please ask your friends, but keeping in line with the Mill Creek Women's Club, please make sure those women live in the greater Mill Creek area. 

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