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Life, Career & Purpose Coaching

I help young professionals going through a career or life change develop and execute a personal plan so they can live their dream life.

You: Do you feel stuck?

You're wanting to make a career change? You have a lot of ideas in your head but you are struggling to get focused and find clarity. Do you want to develop better habits? Are you open to new ideas and ready make changes, so that you actually want to jump up in the morning excited get to work?

"Julie really helped add frame the inner debate that was pinballing around in my head to clear the clutter and focus on what was most important to me. It was very generative to work with her and benefit from her experience and guidance."

Ava K.

Imagine achieving the highest, truest expression of yourself.

What would it look like? How do we get there? Together we GET CLEAR ON YOUR GOALS, IDENTIFY OBSTACLES holding you back and then put together a PERSONAL ACTION PLAN to get the RESULT you want!

You have access to all the best self-development content in this information age, but it's still not enough. You don't have to transform your life on your own. We are meant to have people come into our lives as mentors, teachers and coaches.

I can help you move from your CURRENT SELF to your future DREAM LIFE through discovering and applying what we learn together then putting it all down in black and white with a PERSONAL PLAN that works!

Learning more about yourself is meant to be a fun and an enlightening process. Let's make this an amazing experience of discovery, self-awareness, and massive action towards your future vision

"Julie helped me achieve my goals, very professional, patient, positive. Highly recommending. Thank you Julie, you’re the best!"

Lana G.

Getting Started

We begin with a free STRATEGY PLANNING SESSION so I can learn about the goals and results you want. If we agree to work together, you will find that we don't have to start and stop with one area of your life. Many of the ideas we explore can apply to all areas of your life.

Style and Approach

I leverage the power of positive psychology and change psychology. I use a lot of the techniques I've learned in my 20 years as a professional project manger along with the best practices of life and career coaching. We’ll walk through a tailored coaching process just for you.

What you get

I offer a LIFE CHANGING PROGRAM with 10 SESSIONS designed to help you get clarity on where you are and your goals. We start off with a comprehensive life review - you sharing your story and rating core areas of your life. Then we will identify your stressors and obstacles - from being unfulfilled to looking at what habits you want to change.  We will group them into goal categories, figure out how to measure them and determine a course of action so you never feel overwhelmed. Finally we will implement the plan step-by-step, adjusting and tweaking as we go.

At the end of our time together, you will have a concrete system in place to get you unstuck and overcome your obstacles, so that you can get back on the fast-track to your dream life. Session are 1 hour long , either in person or online. A summary of our sessions are emailed with a motivational quote and a video. Email communications provided as needed.

Individual sessions available upon request

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