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Build A Dream You Love!

Is something missing in your life? Do you need more meaning, purpose, and fulfillment?

Everyone should have a dream, whether it's to write a book, change your career, become a business owner, or land your next job. 

Don't go through life with regrets! We are all meant to have people support us in our lives in order to reach our full potential. 

We believe every generation can fully realize their dream. We offer a Career Jump Starter,  Career Goal or a Career Fast Track program with coaching in the following areas:

Career and LifeBusinessor Media/Content. Each one includes:

- 60 min 1:1 sessions

- Action Plan - after every session

- Text and email communications in between sessions

- Training resources

- Exclusive - private access to motivational FaceBook Group

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"My time with Julie helped me not only reconnect with my purpose but put that sense of purpose on a practical path of professional development and practice, doing work I love to do."

"Julie has helped me to zero in on a plan for my career, given me amazing feedback on my resume, and influenced my thinking & actions in a very positive way. I would recommend her to absolutely anyone looking for life coaching!"

"Julie really helped me frame the inner debate that was pinballing around in my head to clear the clutter and focus on what was most important to me. It was very generative to work with her and benefit from her experience and guidance."

"Julie helped me achieve my goals, very professional, patient, positive. Highly recommending. Thank you, Julie, you’re the best!"

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